One-to-One ADHD coaching

We offer 1:1 ADHD coaching for people who have an ADHD diagnosis and those who want to investigate the possibility they may have the condition. Coaching offers an opportunity to look at your difficulties in a safe and supportive environment.

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Mental health training support

We offer 1:1 sessions of mental health training support. Wellbeing coaching can support you in developing strategies you can use, to help yourself. We will look at your current difficulties and how they are affecting you, look at what you can do to help deal with them, create a plan, and support you to adapt it as needs be.

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Hapus Training offers a fully comprehensive package of support tailored to suit your organisation 

We will work with you to ensure you get the right support specific to your needs.

 We can provide:

• Awareness raising for staff to feel more confident in dealing with mental health issues and neurodiversity.
• Skills training to reduce stress.
• Training and support for people experiencing mental health issues.
• 1:1 mentoring and support for ADHD/neurodiversity and/or mental health and wellbeing.

Hapus Training can help you to:

• Improve productivity
• Increase well being
• Significantly reduce staff sickness periods
• Improve working relationships

In addition, working with us can help your organisation to be compliant with current legislation in Wales. The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act places a legal obligation on public bodies and a responsibility on us to all to work together towards seven identified Wellbeing Goals. Working with Hapus Training directly addresses four of those seven goals.

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