Wellbeing Coaching can

  • Create a safe space to help you explore difficulties you are struggling with
  • Teach you skills and techniques that you can use to help yourself
  • Learn how to improve wellbeing in the longer term
  • Help you to manage stress
  • Support you to identify your strengths
  • Knowledge and techniques to help you manage your wellbeing
  • Support you to set realistic goals, keep you accountable, and manage expectations

Coaching sessions take place on zoom or if you can travel to Cardiff then in person sessions can be arranged.

Sessions generally last for an hour although the first session is generally longer around an hour and a half.

Sessions include strategies and techniques for you to practice at home, and generally take place every 3-5 weeks.

The number of sessions needed depends very much on you and what you feel you need, anywhere from 2-3 sessions to a long-term arrangement.

Session’s cost £60.00 for your first session and £50.00 for all sessions after that.

How to get in touch

To ask any questions regarding Wellbeing coaching with me, or to book your first session get in touch by texting 07813212531 or emailing hapustraining@gmail.com and I will get back to you ASAP.

Thanks and very best wishes

Sian X