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In addition to the testimonials below, you can view the anonymised results of my feedback surveys below.

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We had our giggles too – friendly atmosphere, Sian you were and are fabulous at working with us and teaching us! Especially when we veered off course and we put the world to rights with our discussions – you got us back on track with the patience of a saint!!

It has been helpful and I have looked forward to coming along each week.


You walk the walk as well as talk the talk and spread enthusiasm while you are doing it!!


Great! Really appropriate and useful. A great deal of material was covered and I will be drawing upon it in the future.


Hapus Training took the time to get to know staff and children first, so were able to maximise this time in the training. As the Responsible Individual I have to ensure that we meet the requirements of the Care Standards.  I was impressed by the training and professionalism, and the ability to work with both children and adults. I am happy to recommend them. 

Ann Shabaz, Hafan Saff Childrens Homes

There was a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. It was great that the tutor has had experience of mental health issues.


Really eye opening. I usually think the way I think is the way I was born to think. Now I know it is not. Now I know there is a way to change and I am grateful to be here. It has opened my eyes and made me really think about things and made me realise I am not the only one. This will prove invaluable to me.


Discussions at the end of the course were excellent. Many thanks to Sian for being brave and honest. It has given me so much more hope!!


The course has helped me understand ‘how we think’ and we have enormous power over the way we think. It has helped me progress towards being more confident and raise my self-esteem. More importantly I am more assertive in being positive.


Sian has given me the tools/skills to improve my outlook on life, to change for the better on a daily basis. Also to approach problems in a more positive healthy way.


You’re a great facilitator Sian because you are such a wonderful role model.


We have worked with Sian and Hapus Training for many years, Sian has used her knowledge and expertise to provide essential support for people that we work with. She is not only incredibly skilled and knowledgeable but passionate and empathetic, a brilliant addition for our organisation.

Hannah Fitt, CEO, The Safe Foundation

Thank you so much for your help and support. You are a great trainer and I have learnt a lot. Sian is very nice and helpful, a good tutor and a genuine person.


Very informative and well planned out. The topics very very important to our day to day lives. The tutor was excellent and made me feel at ease.


The sessions provided have been incredible and life changing to many staff! A fantastic way to improve overall mental health. Sian is amazing with incredible knowledge

Katie Lewis, Wellbeing Coordinator. Admiral Group Insurance