” Tackling the mental illness epidemic we face in today’s world is the greatest gift we can give society, allowing us to unlock the vast latent potential available in our homes, families, communities and culture. ”

“I first became interested in the principles we teach, when I was in my late twenties. I was doing a teacher training course, I was struggling, and I started seeing a counsellor provided by the university. The counsellor I met, helped me to understand what was going on for me, she also started recommending lots of books and other resources.

Around this time I was invited to deliver a confidence and resilience building course. I enjoyed teaching a subject I was so passionate about, especially as my students reported that they found the learning so helpful in improving their mental health.

The techniques I teach and by default regularly relearn, help me to both get, and stay well. Having experienced mental health issues, and the attached stigma, I aspire to be a part of the solution not the problem. I know this can be done through the techniques we teach. I believe that the mental health crisis that we face in this country is both shameful and tragic. Recognising mental health issues are as a result of illness not a character defect is important. Simple changes and the right support can transform a life.”

Sian Powell, 2020