Our Training is about educating ourselves about mental health and how to best to improve our wellbeing.

‘’Continuous Directed Change’’ has been written and developed as a result of many years of study and teaching.

It is a system that aims to support people to learn about the positive ways of acting, thinking and behaving that can support us to optimise our wellbeing.

The program uses a combination of neuroscience, cognitive therapy, mindfulness, goal setting, and other personal development techniques to create a nine-step framework to enable people to reach the goals that will help them to embed positive habits into their lives.

It helps to improve mental health, build resilience and optimise well-being.

The framework is used to implement techniques focused on developing a healthy relationship to self, to others, and the world.

The course aims to be both therapeutic and supportive, but is not a support group or therapy, it is an educational training course that is based on taking action.

Its aim is to empower you to believe there are things you can do to help yourself, and give you a structure to help you to do just that.

Its success relies on you taking action to try out the steps.

It’s complementary rather than alternative.

It’s about optimising personal wellbeing not driving for an unattainable ideal or comparing ourselves.

We focus on building fundamental self-esteem.

It is a long-term program, not a quick fix.

The only person we have the power to change is ourselves.

Continuous Directed Change is practical and strategic and adaptable.

All services delivered either 1:1 or group, for organisations or individuals is adapted from and based on this training and approach.