Sole trader, one man band, freelancer, billy back bedroom, that’s me.

 One my good days it the best thing in the world, and as I’ve said in my last blog on my bad days the negative thought gremlins get a hold and tell me that I really am a total loon and this really is the most stupid idea I have ever had. AND, working alone at home gives me lots of opportunity to procrastinate, of course cleaning out the fridge is more important than my tax return isn’t it!? So ‘’the best idea I have had in ages’’ is to phone my wonderful friend Hannah and ask if I could bring me and my little laptop to SAFE HQ to work. So what, where, who on earth is SAFE HQ??  

SAFE HQ is actually a warehouse in Tudor Lane in Riverside. It may be a warehouse, but it has glittery orange stairs (I kid you not.) A friendly warm space, full of positive happy people doing brilliant work. When I say positive I don’t mean annoying ‘happy clappy’ positive, I mean realistic warm, okay it’s not all brilliant but life is still worth it and what can we do to make it better, kind of positive. THE SAFE FOUNDATION/ are an international development charity working in the UK and the developing world, in a very practical way.

So, the Monday after Christmas instead of feeling despondent back on my own in my little office, I found myself hanging out with Hannah and the gang. It has made all the difference having people around and someone to bounce ideas off. As a result of this, two positive things have happened, one is, after many conversations about the way in which Hapus and Safe can work together, we are actually getting a project off the ground bringing together the best of both, and so in the next few months we will be launching Project Hapus. This pilot project has an open time frame, and is available to young people who are interested in doing some voluntary work as well as improving their mental health. This will be in the form of mental health and global citizenship training sessions and voluntary opportunities such as running and social events.  

Secondly we will be starting a new Hapus training course in a few weeks from SAFE HQ. This will run on a Sunday afternoon for five weeks and is primarily for those who experience issues with their mental health.

If you want to know more check out more details here, and get in touch for a chat we’d love to hear from you.

Lots of Love

Sian and the Hapus Gang x

‘The Best Idea I’ve had In Ages!’